Wrestling The Way Wrestling Should Be, Thunder Style!

The Thunder Wrestling Federation Memorial Wall


"The Dirty Dealer" Bull Matthews

Former T.W.F. Undeniable TV Champion and Tag-Team Champion

Bull had been battling sickness for a long time, but he was as good a fighter in life  as he was in the confines of the squared circle. He was a warrior, friend, brother and an ally in many ways. We will forever miss this great competitor in the T.W.F.


passed 2011.


 We truly miss you brother

From your homies in the T.W.F.

"Superstar" Camren LaRue
The sudden passing of one of the most prolific performer's that has ever graced a T.W.F. ring former T.W.F. Undeniable World Champion and Undeniable TV Champion
"Camren La Rue".
He passed due to a motorcycle accident today 3-6-2013.
We will miss him from all corners of the T.W.F.
R.I.P. brother. Another soldier gone home.
From your homies in the T.W.F.

Another T.W.F. performer who has departed this life is the infamous
Bhos Hoggg.
He was one of the most notorious managers enywhere and was know for the white suit and the Hoggg walking stick he used to carry. Gone but truly not forgotten.
R.I.P. brother for your homies in the T.W.F.

2013 has taken it's toll in the wrestling world again Bill Moody aka Paul  Bearer and Reid Flair. We all are brothers of the ring no matter the size of the stage.
R.I.P our brothers from the T.W.F.

The Passing Of TpT Johnnie Lee's mom and the T.W.F. resident mother

Marlene Giordano

passed 2011

 R.I.P. Momma

The Passing of another T.W.F. Legend

John "Bosh Hoggg" Hanson (photo coming)

passed 2012

TpT Johnnie Lee's father

passed  1998

R.I.P. Dad

C.B.Cane's mom

Lucille A. Williams

passed 1975

R.I.P. Momma

 C.B.Cane's brother

Michael  W. Williams

passed 1992

R.I.P. Brother

C.B.Cane's sister

Maxine L. Williams

passed 2005

R.I.P. Sister

S.G.Cane's Grandmother  Carolyn Johnson

&  Dad David Rowe (Dangerous Dan T.W.F. Referee R.I.P. Family

T.J.Cane's Dad R.I.P. Pop's

Shawn Brett's Mother R.I.P.