Wrestling The Way Wrestling Should Be, Thunder Style!


The T.W.F. as it is called was started in 1997. There were many challenges that faced the new crew that wanted no more than to bring pro wrestling to the fans of Jacksonville,Florida and surrounding areas, even the world by way of internet if possible. They simply loved the sport. People did not wish that this federation succeed, and some even today have the same sentiments, but there were a few that did and that seemed to be enough.

"Thunder" was and is unique in it's own way and has survived a lot of storms.

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This organization was just a blip in the minds of the founders, who sought to make it a reality. This company seems to always face some sort of adversity, but manages to somehow continue. Many have come through the doors of the T.W.F. and some of those have moved on , but leaving a trail of things that caused pain to the company upon their departure. There is indeed a new attitude in the halls of the T.W.F. these days.

There is the core that remains in tact and even to this day they glimpse the dream and that has truly sustained the chosen few. There have been many good things and those are the intact memories that sustain us. The storm is yet brewing, but sometimes it is better to be silent. We simply say this, just watch the sky, you'll know the sign, it's been seen before and then you will feel the fury of:

What was, What is and What is about to Be!

Thunder Wrestling Federation...The Next Beyond.

Wrestling The Way Wrestling Should Be, Thunder Style!